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nothing is given for nothing its all a Rip off x Sha Davies How's the cost of running a car gone down fuels the same price it's been for months Dave Donovan Fuel costs account for less than 5% of the overall cost of running a train btw Joshua Dickinson
Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville (right) will be bringing the Rip Off Britain team to a pop-up shop at Merry Hill, this weekend.
And all busty bra wearers should be organising a campaign at their nearest Marks store and rip off their bras in protest.
Holding a quiz before dawn and using it to rip off the saddest people in the nation is the surely the ultimate in shameful shoddiness, isn't it?
In the deeply garagified and solidly trashy category this month comes the new (and apparently final) LP by the Zodiac Killers, Radiation Beach on Rip Off Records.
RIP Off Republic star Eddie Hobbs has revealed how working for an insurance company turned him into a consumer campaigner.
The celebrity money-man launched his new TV show Rip Off Republic last Monday and RTE say they have never received such a strong response.
The most popular items for counterfeiters to rip off include handbags, clothes, music and movies, jewelry and cigarettes, but toys are becoming increasingly prevalent.