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As for those looking for fresh research topic ideas, the RIPE NCC pointed them to RIPE Atlas - a global, open, distributed Internet measurement platform - and RIPE NCC Hackathons which provide an opportunity to work alongside network operators, developers, and the local Internet community in developing innovative new tools.
There were some very interesting discussions with security experts from the banking community and valuable insights from RIPE NCC during the meeting.
By sharing its expertise with network operators and helping them to future-proof their networks, the RIPE NCC is helping to drive sustainable development and economic growth across the Middle East.
Hans Petter Holen, the RIPE chair, said: "The Middle East highly recognizes the importance of establishing a reliable infrastructure to ensure telecommunications can effectively play its role in sustainable development.
The key for pears is that they are eaten ripe," continues Riggan.
Last year the average date for ripe blackberries throughout the country was August 11.
Bringing the alfresco market experience inside during the unbearably hot summer months, Ripe Food & Craft Market has moved indoors to offer a comfortable air-conditioned environment.
Vine Ripe is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialty foods market that's well known locally for its house-made hummus, gourmet bakery, low-priced produce & specialty food items.
But with the Ripe Market opening here, now I don't have to worry at all," said Ellacot.
Ripe Bites are sold in a 1-pint bag and is the second of Lipman's Florida-grown proprietary varieties to go into full production this year.
39 in most supermarkets) is just such a wine, and I love it - a rich ruby, with a kiss of spicy oak, ripe plum and bramble fruit that's certainly ripe, but balanced by quite firm tannins.
Dry matter readings include starch and are highly correlated with ripe soluble solids concentration (Beever and Hopkirk 1990; Harker et al.