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Also, the rip width combinations on the arbor may not provide good yield from random width lumber, but presorting the lumber by width prior to ripping to best utilize the different arbor set-ups will help in attaining better yields.
Customers can also send in their CDs and have the content placed on an iPod, media centers, or music servers, for the cost of the hardware plus ripping services.
These are icons of their generation, but at the same time any hometown kid could be the one ripping you right into the ground at your local skatepark.
LISA SCOTT-LEE The singer Steps out in ripped jeans - but she's unlikely to be ripping up the charts anytime soon.
assuming you stop ripping and dipping after only a quarter of the ring.
1 Find out which ripping software, if any, came with your computer, or get some online.
Valu-Rip uses Ultra-Sonic technology to measure the width of the board and present the optimized ripping solution to the operator via laser lights.
Fiery Smart RIP significantly accelerates RIPping performance, enabling the fastest possible processing speeds on the Canon imagePRESS C7000VP.
THERE ARE SEVERAL GOOD reasons why the question "Should we be crosscutting or ripping first in our rough mill?
Ripping is the act of extracting a track directly from a CD and storing it on a computer's hard drive.
Ripping Revolution, a music loading service that converts CDs to digital media for servers and portable players, announced the immediate opening of a ripping center in Denver and an October opening in Wilmington, N.