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The scientists went to Perranporth Beach in Cornwall, England, which is known for its dangerous rip currents, and set up video cameras of the shoreline to monitor the breaking waves.
The researchers found that when waves break across the end of a rip channel, it in effect closes the channel and stops the currents from travelling far offshore.
To get a dense set of observations, we had to know exactly where rips would form and when," Moulton said.
Some of the disadvantages are that the gang ripsaw might not have the width capacity to have all the required sizes on the arbor and the set-up time required to change the arbor rip width configurations takes time away from producing parts.
Rescue after rescue, ``prevent'' after ``prevent,'' lifeguards pull locals and tourists from or away from the treacherous summer rip currents.
2 HOOK your thumb behind the board and keep your little finger in contact with the fence to rip boards 6 in.
Rip is rendered impotent as a provider; Francis is unable to satisfy his, wife sexually and ultimately cuckolded.
Even when rips are absent, the waves themselves can be treacherous.
Infiltration frames were installed at randomly selected locations on rip and no rip areas.
In addition to the award given to the winning output device in each category, ErgoSoft served as a contributing partner supplying the RIP software and media product used to create the winning print.
But if you rip a CD to MP3 files, you have each separate track as a digital file that you can play on your PC, or on an MP3 player the size of a keychain or a boom box.
RIPs are used in digital presses, printers, copiers and for transmitting information over the Internet.