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Freud conflates risibility with sexual longing; the other is part of the equation merely as a catalyst for personal arousal.
All commentators on the rebellion recorded the risibility of the pretenders (Cosin uses words like absurd, childish, ridiculous [6, 46]), and the resultant hilarity of the crowds; many of whom, recorded Cosin (58), could not tear themselves away from these revels of the preposterous ("All the way that Arthington went, hee was followed by a great multitude of lads and young persons of the meaner sort").
One of the most solid critiques that was aimed at Close's argument centered on the implicit premise that it was, in fact, possible to reconstruct the seventeenth-century reception of Don Quijote--more "accurate" a priori because it would obviously center on the book's risibility.
The standards of detail were, frankly, the stuff of risibility.
As for intellectual content, well, despite the high risibility factor, there is some.
But I think it's important not to indulge that tendency too far, at least for a moment, so that we can note something more significant than the risibility of the product: the net effects of Mono-Global-Culture-Corp on the project of securing individual identity.
the masquerade now has the element of risibility I'd desired.
Most topical comedy programmes are all at sea, haven't got the foggiest, and are lost in a smug alert with risibility down to two feet cap'n, but not this one.
Apart from the inherent risibility of such quantifying pedantry and the elusiveness of actual data about this sexual Russian roulette, such statements reveal nothing about how sexuality was subjectively experienced.
risibility enlists her levity in the service of an energetic ridicule,
These are, of course, popular variations of the rational model of decision making whose risibility many teachers of politics, administration, or organization theory have enjoyed for years.
The real reason is that there is so much to laugh at in our church that risibility has become one of its identifying marks.