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In public, Labour maintains the fiction it's going all-out to win in Kent when risibly the towel was thrown in before the campaign started.
The agency made a risibly disingenuous statement saying that the intruder was caught "after entering the White House North Portico doors'' and that the officers had shown "tremendous restraint and discipline in dealing with this subject.
Elrich's claim to fame, The Population Bomb, sold over two million copies and, in time, proved to be risibly inaccurate.
But since the modernist revolution, sense-optional American poets have often complicated the play of sense and non-sense by stirring in a third form of language: silliness) Silliness is language that makes syntactical sense, but the sense it makes clearly, and risibly, doesn't correspond to reality.
If establishing feeble quasi-colonial dependencies represents success, and mighty NATO can pour hundreds of billions of dollars into Afghanistan for a dozen years and fail even to hurtle over this risibly low bar, the liberal interventionist project needs a comprehensive reconsideration.
He untethers the plot from plausibility and logic, allowing everything to teeter risibly on coincidence, physical serious about jiggery pokery improbability and outrageous good fortune.
Since Rimbaud's time, let's say, this has always amounted to saying 'believe me, don't believe in meaning anymore', which at once raises and demotes, pathetically, risibly, or fraudulently, the T that thus projects itself to (and from) the function of incarnating meaning (Laclue-Labarthe 13).
Twinings has secured 35 percent of India s teabag business since it entered the country in 1997 but without divulging figures he concedes it is still a risibly small market -- less than one percent of the company s global turnover.
The assignment is blissfully, painfully, risibly easy.
The days when the citizens of one region earn 5 or 10 times as much as the inhabitants of the rest of the world are gone forever, as more than 2 billion Chinese, Indians, Indonesians and other peoples - intelligent, diligent and willing to work at wages that Europeans would consider risibly inadequate - are incorporated into the world economy.
Those who say the government should steer decisions in market X because it is different are not just wrong, but risibly wrong.