rising generation

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She resembled, in her fierce pursuit of them, an infant pestilence -- the scarlet fever, or some such half-fledged angel of judgment -- whose mission was to punish the sins of the rising generation.
It is his business to ascertain the tendency of erroneous notions popularly held, to see the exact direction in which the ideas of a nation are tending; he labors for the future rather than for the present, and for the rising generation rather than for the one that is passing away.
A bound and the noise of a falling chair told them that the irrepressible rising generation had once more thrown itself across the room.
If I thought it would do any good to the rising generation, I would cheerfully give my consent to the disinterment of the bones of any genteel highwayman (the more genteel, the more cheerfully), and to their exposure, piecemeal, on any sign-post, gate, or gibbet, that might be deemed a good elevation for the purpose.
They are faithful pledges of the respect we bear to the memory of our ancestors and of the tenderness with which we cherish the rising generation.
When I think of the sweet-tasted swans and other ingenious white shapes crunched by the small teeth of that rising generation, I am glad to remember that a certain amount of calcareous food has been held good for young creatures whose bones are not quite formed; for I have observed these delicacies to have an inorganic flavour which would have recommended them greatly to that young lady of the Spectator's acquaintance who habitually made her dessert on the stems of tobacco-pipes.
Still the severer antiquary may think, that, by thus intermingling fiction with truth, I am polluting the well of history with modern inventions, and impressing upon the rising generation false ideas of the age which I describe.
In his mystic acceptance of the principle of autocracy he was bent on extirpating from the land every vestige of anything that resembled freedom in public institutions; and in his ruthless persecution of the rising generation he seemed to aim at the destruction of the very hope of liberty itself.
A health service underpinned by a regime of free milk, free orange juice and rose-hip syrup would provide a solid basis for the health of the rising generation.
And the rising generation can serve educational spaces as well.
As is his hallmark, through his exemplary scholarship -- in which he draws from history, philosophy, and evidence -- Levin powerfully analyzes significant issues threatening the well-being of the rising generation and future generations.
s greatest financial resource, English teaching to further educate the rising generation, or NGOs to help lift the burden of a million refugees, is vital to the Kurdistan Region.