rising prices

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Mohammed Abu Samra, the coordinator of the Damietta branch of the 6 April Youth Movement said: "The workers are all angry about the rising prices of raw materials.
Officials should take measures to improve the country's economic situation, Sobhani said, adding, "The next president will be facing a large number of problems, including unemployment, rising prices and moral corruption in society, and we hope that he will be successful in running the country.
Some reports have spoken of rising prices on other basic goods as merchants or middlemen decide to cash in on the general trend, even though no market-related factors should be driving up the costs.
Charles Davis, an economist who compiled the report, said: "The growth in household earnings as the economy recovers from recession is failing to keep pace with rising prices of essential goods and services.
RICS said contemporary art again saw the largest price falls and across all price brackets - 24 per cent more surveyors reported falling rather than rising prices, with 33 per cent more surveyors saying prices are dropping in the pounds 5,000 to pounds 50,000 tier.
The rising price of the raw material has affected downstream products and enterprises' development.
The economy ''continues to face numerous difficulties, including ongoing strains in financial markets, declining house prices, a softening labor market, and rising prices of oil, food, and some other commodities,'' Bernanke said in a semiannual forecast to Congress.
RISING prices are slamming the door on would-be homebuyers.
As a result, in a period of rising prices, the LIFO method tempers the distortive effect of inflation on the taxpayer's reported profits.
He said that with latex being the main source of raw materials, Top Glove is not immune to the impact of rising prices.
The rising prices are an indication of the strength of that market.