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If you are have the Risk-Taker talent, you instinctively know how to handle uncertainty.
Even if you're not a natural risk-taker, it will provoke reflections on life's meaning that ultimately lead to transitions and changes, and is dedicated ".
Not only do we need to reassess the existing role of the State as an investor and risk-taker but continue to reinvent and reform that role so that we can work and deliver in partnership for the people of Northern Ireland.
Credit magazine said, "By allowing users to perform simultaneous pre-deal checks on every OTC transaction, the selector ensures the risk-taker can choose the best counterparty available, thereby optimising the P&L on trades.
Amer, a 32-year-old Jordanian, has been a smoker since his early teens and finds that the risk-taker versus risk-avoider divide is a fitting one.
John sought exotic thrills, but was not a foolhardy risk-taker.
There, near his beloved family home, John Walton, a risk-taker of the kind seldom witnessed within the world of large-scale philanthropy, died tragically on June 27, 2005, while flying a small, experimental plane.
To win her sister's freedom, she must become a risk-taker.
I see more legislation up here that is dampening that spirit, and is almost punishing the risk-taker and rewarding the risk-less path.
I am not a big risk-taker," she admits, adding that this account represents just 20% of her net worth.
There is just one small problem: one of them is strongly risk-averse, preferring conservative investments such as certificates of deposit and money market funds, while the other one is a risk-taker who loves tech stocks and initial public offerings.