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There was no change to the top six riskiest credits, which included three peripheral euro zone states -- Greece, Ireland and Portugal.
In light of 9-11, a strategy of "business as usual" may be the riskiest and least productive strategy of all, because there is nothing "usual" about the opportunities that lie ahead in the agricultural markets, and nothing "usual" about the contextual forces at work.
Listen to Hammer: "In times of fundamental change, the riskiest strategy is not to act boldly but to continue in the old ways.
The roots of these charges go back to 1992, when Fujimori made one of his riskiest decisions: dissolving Congress and the judiciary and ruling by decree in what he termed a "government of national reconstruction:" A constitutional assembly seated after the April 1992 "self-coup" rewrote the constitution, allowing for reelection.
SEATTLE--On the Boards, an organization known for taking artistic risks, celebrates its twentieth anniversary with perhaps its riskiest venture thus far--acquiring and renovating a new dance facility, recently named the Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance, that will have a million-dollar operating budget for the season.
The morning has to be windless--the riskiest part of any ballooning venture is takeoff.
The act requires that auditors assess the risk of programs for entities above the threshold and select the riskiest programs for testing.
Everyone knows the stock market is a volatile environment, and technology stocks are among the riskiest.
Florida also appears on three of the four type-specific top 10 riskiest lists this quarter.
Sanjose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, is the riskiest MSA for
INEXPERIENCE (86%) and overconfidence (86%) are the main reasons that new drivers are the riskiest group of road users, according to the latest poll from road safety charity Institute of Advanced Motorists.
Seven of top ten riskiest states for mortgage fraud located on East Coast