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According to Simunic and Stein (1990) "the riskiness of an audit engagement is properly defined and measured within a portfolio context" (3) since the outcome of every client acceptance or continuance decision has an impact on the riskiness of the audit firm clients' portfolio en bloc (Huss and Jacobs, 1991).
One puzzle is what determines the split between increased roundaboutness and increased riskiness for any given reduction in interest rates below the natural rate.
Lenders must have the entire relationship to make lending decisions, not just the scores but also the translation of those scores into odds ratios (what the scores mean in terms of the riskiness of potential borrowers).
The equity risk premium is a premium added based on the riskiness of the overall market.
To understand the intuition behind this measure, if an employer in a given year has a workforce that is in occupations that, on average, have twice the state-wide workers' compensation costs, average occupational riskiness for that firm-year would be twice the state average.
She also examines the life of Christopher McCandless, subject of the recent film Into the Wild, providing an even larger context for the riskiness of her endeavor.
He added that institutions "should pay a contribution which reflects the riskiness of the bank".
Their later work has examined how the growing importance of defined-contribution retirement programs, such as 401(k)s, and the coincident decline in traditional defined-benefit pension arrangements, has affected the riskiness of retirement income for U.
In general, the criteria for deciding to stay in (or, alternatively, to skedaddle from) a market are the attractiveness of the market, your company's relative advantage(s) in that market and the inherent riskiness of the market.
It is also partly to do with the media, where mishaps and accidents are widely reported and tend to inflate people's perceptions of the riskiness of taking risks.
With standards for rating the riskiness of loans, banks could electronically divide up the loans into pieces with common cash flow characteristics and sell them to other financial institutions.
Assume a risk manager is asked to compare the riskiness of two products.