risky undertaking

See: venture
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That is why discovering and developing new treatment and cures is such a complex and risky undertaking.
He's also providing weapons, a risky undertaking given the disenchantment with the government among the disenfranchised Sunnis, who make up about 30 percent of Iraq's population of 31.
Such a step would have been a bold and risky undertaking by Hezbollah and would almost certainly have led to clashes in the remote mountains.
Specifically, for movies in the $100 million range, entering a competition is a risky undertaking since the film could embarrassingly lose, but also because the producer would have to relinquish control of its marketing.
The musical about the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth was a risky undertaking in 1971, but 41 years later the work remains one of the most popular and challenging musicals in the world.
It is undeniably a risky undertaking to attempt to write the biography of not one but two living figures who were unwilling to participate in the endeavor.
This was a risky undertaking when we began planning the park," said Bob Coughlan, a principal of TRITEC.
Indeed, instead of investing vast sums of cash into the complex and risky undertaking of launching app stores, operators should leverage their most valuable asset - their relationship with, and knowledge about, their customers.
Although local venture capital funds can be a risky undertaking, if managed properly, the return on investment for the city can be substantial.
As companies dump more office space back into the marketplace and leasing activity slows down, observers say that 11 Times Square is quite a risky undertaking.
However, participants become involved in the debate and soon realize that building one system that will satisfy multiple armed services is a risky undertaking.