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This division between personal reflection and ceremony becomes more pronounced later in the poem when the ritualism of Part I meets the soliloquies of Part II.
In its representation of faith, the novel has been read as "a profoundly theological novel" (Kreitzer 109); (1) a text revelatory of fin de siecle anxieties regarding the conflict of contemporary faith with older superstitions; (2) Stoker's attempt to reconcile the interfaith conflicts of his native Ireland; (3) the author's effort to reinforce the Protestant Ascendancy through colonization of faith; (4) or even, and absurdly, a novel of proselytization through which Stoker seeks to convert his Protestant readership to Catholicism (5)--a position that disregards Stoker's Anglican upbringing and ignores completely the internecine conflict between High Church ritualism and Broad and Low Church practices.
In Noces (1989), whose original theme dealt with the rigid ritualism of a peasant wedding, Preljocaj gnawed away at the theme of sexual anxiety and climaxed it with the men tossing life-sized dolls dressed as brides and finally impaling them on slabs of wood.
In the Western world religious riots, permeated by ritualism and often occurring on symbolic holidays, evolved into perennial events in many localities.
The lineage is not immediately apparent: Warhol's work, especially his amazing '70s investigations of spectacle and shininess, is frequently dismissed as superficial, the work of the undead, while Tiravanija's work is celebrated for its "socioesthetic ritualism," a term shrouded in the bland moral goodness of the serious and spiritual.
Richards's The Meaning of Meaning, and Christopher Caudwell's Illusion and Reality--to suggest that Bishop might have found similar critique of the hierarchy and mystic ritualism of Catholicism in these sources.
This extreme belief was coupled with an idiosyncratic ritualism and a harshly patriarchal attitude toward women (who were, according to William Miller, "forbidden to speak unless spoken to" and "compelled to knock on the doors of even their own kitchens if men were present").
111) Hearkening back to a classic anti-Jewish polemic against legalism and vacuous ritualism, de Santa Ana condemns modern Jews for the same sins.
Shang Wei argues that the Confucian ritualism, which "demands to be translated in reality through simulated practice," was fundamentally divided from orthodox Neo-Confucianism, which seeks interpretation and discourse from history "in the making of Confucianism.
The food, drink, and attendant ritualism of these different types of public feasts also expressed hierarchy and defined the boundaries of inclusion and exclusion.
He feels "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a symbol of tyranny and oppression, and contends the Koran forbids nationalistic ritualism.
Jacob maintains that the ritualism of Speculative Freemasonry served as an effective vehicle for explaining important tenets of classicism, deism, Newtonianism, constitutional government and civil liberties to aristocratic and middle-class members in England, France, and Holland.