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This definition is essential to approach the concept with the conditions of ritualization that allow the assimilation, the emergence of sensory and cognitive effects--especially in the specific case that we will analyze: the Run DMC video clip and its relationship with Adidas.
Coman observed that the ritualization itself appears as "a method of exerting control over the processes of construction and negotiation of views of reality" (50) and religion always was tempted to generate a particular, normative view of reality.
Narskii and Khmelevskaia endeavor to interpret this mass frenzy (debauchery) and violence from below as a form of ritualization and structuring of violence, as a specific means of social communication and assertion of identity in an extreme situation.
Drawing from Catherine Bell's theory of ritual and ritualization, I propose that the blood imagery in the novel works to emphasize those moments where occasions of ritualization profane the sacred ritual from which they arise.
Such 'conspicuous regularity', to use Nadel's term, transposes personal concerns to a universal key and absorbs them into the strictures of an order which is independent of (when not inimical to) human order; this ritualization of narrative generates a haunting moment--both habitual and disquieting in which horror, conceived as a physical force, again and again impinges in a violent yet ceremonious way upon individuals with a paralyzing effect.
Responding to James, Sarah Beckwith argues that in analyzing the York cycle plays, it is necessary to use a theory of ritualization in which ritual has a material form and is understood to reflect "a series of tensions" and multiplicity of meaning rather than a unified belief within a community (Beckwith 1999, 28).
We can extrapolate and say that art, on the other hand, can retrieve the self that has not been inscribed in language through repetition or ritualization, but rather claims (though it may not attain) sole access to the origin, the pre-cultural part of our individuality not yet made part of the social game.
Among the most marked aspects of his work is the removal of a necessary ingredient to a ritualized activity to accentuate the strangeness its ritualization conceals: in Rugby, for example, men are posed in postures of athletes at play, but expressionless, and without the ball; in Pornographie, fully clothed men and women are arranged in hardcore sexual positions.
This allows them to understand the ritualization of everyday life that is a part of monastic behaviour; experience the challenges and constraints of being dependent, as a mendicant community, on the charity of the surrounding community; and understand the distinction between the ethics of personal commitment--as taught in popular books on Buddhism or in discussions on religious and monastic experience--and the ethics of a vow of behavior.
Drawing insights from ritual studies, I offer three specific mechanisms: (1) regularity and precision, (2) strategic ambiguity, and (3) the manipulation of symbols, through which the ritualization of power relations reduces the tension arising from the disparity in power.
The ritualization process included ritualizing the killers as well as the sites and the mourning.