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As well as fostering interest in Riverine Buffalo, it is hoped that the gifting of these animals may also play a role in assisting Indonesia to increase self-sufficiency in local buffalo meat and milk production.
area -- or another riverine or coastal community -- will continue to rise," Galloway said.
The purpose of the engagement was to increase overall proficiency in riverine operations, patrolling and infantry tactics, as well as noncommissioned officer leadership.
Bringing you the most cutting edge conference of its kind for sub-24m craft, the Fast Interception and Riverine 2015 conference will bring together some of the most important operators in the field.
It was kind of weird that I was with the Riverine force and during Vietnam we had a Riverine force," said Tran, "It was great training and a lot of fun.
There was no comprehensive riverine theater plan, and these attempts failed while the insurgency enjoyed access and use of these rivers throughout the long conflict.
By year's end, Schnatzmeyer and five others are expected to become the first women formally assigned to a Riverine combat company, a battlefront Navy job that is just now opening up to women.
Consequently, two common aquatic ecosystems in North America are reservoirs and subsequent altered downstream riverine segments.
More than 43 such pillars have gone missing due to various reasons, including floods in the riverine area in Jammu sector while many were destroyed by Pakistan.
He, however, said at least five bodies were still missing since the MV Sarosh capsized after a collision with a sand-laden barge at Gazaria area of Munshiganj yesterday morning in the Meghna, one of the biggest rivers in riverine Bangladesh.
10 ( ANI ): Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has asked the concerned security agencies to address the gaps in fencing in riverine terrain along the India-Bangladesh Border.
The investigation of the 150m section of prehistoric palaeochannel by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit has also recovered associated riverine activity including fish traps and weirs.