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The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, often referred to as the Bike Guide, defines a bicycle lane as "a portion of a roadway that has been designated for preferential or exclusive use by bicyclists by pavement markings and, if used, signs.
Los Angeles County roadway locations were paired with census and community data to determine the proportion of children living within 75 m of a major roadway.
To maximize responsiveness to customers and build on its tradition of high-quality local customer service, Roadway created Customer Care Teams.
Prior to July 9, 2001, the state knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that an extremely dangerous condition existed on (Highway 138) in the area where the subject collision occurred in that said roadway was not separated by a physical barrier in the median at any point along the roadway,'' the lawsuit said.
Garth is the Senior Account Representative for Government Sales, Roadway Express, Inc.
Still others choose to contract a portion of the roadway maintenance work.
That translates into more than 3,000 miles of rubberized roadway that year, and the law requires the percentage to increase over time.
DESCRIPTION : A corridor design report prepared by King County in 2003 identified the need for roadway improvements from Benson Dr SE (108th Ave SE) to Talbot Rd S.
Major roadways in the Los Angeles-Orange counties area are the worst among California regions evaluated by Transportation California, which in December released a report indicating that California ranked last in the nation for quality of road maintenance.
For this analysis, roadways were classified into eight different types; however, the focus of this study was roadway section accidents the accidents that occur on the stretch of the roadway between the intersections or interchanges.