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Checks like these are carried out on a regular basis and we will use opportunities like these to educate drivers about the importance of driving safely in vehicles that are roadworthy and within their permitted weights".
We hope that this partnership will help educate and motivate motorists to ensure their vision is roadworthy.
As the leaders began to labour in the heavy going, Roadworthy found his stride under his tireless jockey and bolted up to win handsomely
PITTSBURGH -- Select International, a global provider of expert systems that include assessment products, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and talent transformation strategies, is applying its expertise to the transportation industry with the introduction of RoadWorthy, a remote assessment that provides intelligent decision support for driver selection.
Stopping a fault before it starts HERE are my top tips for ensuring that you buy a hassle free car: Check the MOT: | Your MOT certificate indicates whether your car is roadworthy.
Regardless of where you bought the car it is a criminal offence to sell a car that is not roadworthy.
Some 21 boys from troops through the district were at Crosland Moor Scout Headquarters to take their badge, which included having their bicycles in a roadworthy condition, knowing how to mend a puncture, answering questions on the Highway Code and completing a circular cycling route.
Not everyone can afford new cars and this legislation will force owners of perfectly roadworthy older vehicles off the roads.
It will be led by an experienced cyclist and any roadworthy bike can be used.
Sergeant Iwan Lloyd Jones said: "They should always ensure that their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition and that all lights and reflectors are maintained and used correctly.
A total of 44 vehicles were taken off the road for not having insurance or tax, or not being roadworthy.
ONE in nine vehicles is not roadworthy due to faulty brake lights.