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Mobile roaming is transforming itself in Europe as a result of regulatory intervention by the European Commission (EC).
With its technical viability now proven, the GSMA will conduct a full roaming hubbing trial later this year.
OmniRoamer enables subscribers of Manx Telecom's roaming partners to utilize services provided aboard an increasing number of cruise ships, ferries and yachts around the world, including those served by Geolink OceanCell.
It is an honor to be recognized by the GSM Association for our innovative approach to bringing roaming services to wireless users," said Jay Salkini, TECORE's president and CEO.
The roaming agreement builds on Boingo's existing network of nearly 600 business-related hot spots in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam International Airport - Schiphol, and the country's four national airports.
ipUnplugged is the leading developer of mobility software for secure and seamless roaming across public and enterprise LANs, WLANs, GPRS, CDMA and 3G networks.
Roamware, with its "Traffic Redirection" suite of products for public mobile networks, is widely recognized as the global leader in enabling the steering of roaming mobile traffic, having been the first to market with commercial traffic redirection solutions in 2003, and with more deployments worldwide today than any other roaming services provider.
The study also found that the threat of EU regulations will continue to drive roaming prices down in the EU.
customers north and south of the border by augmenting CDMA voice roaming agreements with a data roaming capability.
CRA's consultants concluded that the adoption of the Commission's "home pricing principle" - regulating the retail price of roaming services so they do not exceed the retail price of comparable domestic services - could lead to a situation where mobile operators would likely have to price roaming services below the cost of supplying those services.
Whilst an extreme example, the volume of complaints over roaming tariffs has prompted the commission to act.