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Although the effects of nectar robbing on female fitness components have received some attention, the effects of robbing on male fitness are virtually unknown.
Here we describe experimental and observational studies in which we examined the effects of nectar robbing by Bombus occidentalis on both male- and female-fitness components of the hummingbird-pollinated plant, Ipomopsis aggregata.
On a per-plant basis over the entire season, robbing rates range from [approximately]0% to 100% of available flowers robbed, with a seasonal mean ([+ or -] 1 SD) of 51.
We examined the effects of natural and artificial nectar robbing on both male- and female-fitness components of I.
Effects of nectar robbing on measures of whole-plant fitness
The boy and an accomplice are accused of robbing a couple in the middle of the night in a home on Third Street East in Palmdale.
Several hours later, the 16-year-old is accused of robbing a delivery truck driver who was unloading beer at a business in Lancaster.
Authorities are looking for Ernest Frank Ricardez of Santa Paula, who is wanted on federal bank robbery charges for allegedly robbing three Ventura County banks between Nov.