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Another robed man enters and whispers in his ear, and--as if these high priests have conjured them up--a beautiful silvery curtain behind them rises, revealing another layer of Filigree threads through which two dancers are seen bursting into rangy, large-scale movement.
I was not always a judge," our author tells us, perhaps to relieves us of any suspicion that he sprang fully robed from the womb of Athena.
1 -- ran in AV edition only) Pajama-ed and robed customers line up at the breakfast buffet New Year's Day morning at Downtown Bistro in Lancaster.
Lynn reminded the senators that Ashcroft once attacked the Supreme Court for its church-state rulings, calling the justices "a robed elite" that has turned the wall of separation between church and state into "a wall of oppression.
A dark-eyed girl draws gleaming candles, floating on a pool of inky water, toward her by apparent force of will; a robed rider bearing a Don Quixote staff suddenly appears above her on his dark steed, then vanishes; two women in flowing harem pants and veils recline voluptuously on the backs of their spectacularly frizzy-maned horses, then suddenly stand with nonchalant ease atop the same galloping mounts; the robed rider chases his huge black horse across the water, then suddenly flees in the opposite direction as the horse chases him.