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A group of 13 stakeholder interests--including state and federal resource agencies, private industry, and conservation entities--rallied together in 1995 to form the Robust Redhorse Conservation Committee (RRCC).
Arnier explains an approach to reducing random variation in a response variable known as robust design.
Researchers previously suggested that the two lineages could coexist because early Homo species were increasingly eating meat, while robust australopithecines were vegetarians.
Lacey's malting quality traits, determined in collaboration with the USDA Cereal Crops Research Unit at Madison, WI, and industry testing in cooperation with the American Malting Barley Association, appear to be similar to Robust, the industry six-rowed quality standard.
With Ditech's SX-24 and SX-30, telephone operators can literally swap-out their legacy cancellers overnight and have robust voice quality enhancement on every voice circuit the next day.
Though SAN is clearly a robust technology at this stage in its development, it lacks the ease of use inherent with the NAS appliances.
Robust process engineering is a method of dealing with both the systematic effects of changing inputs and random noise.
Following this trend there is a growing need for robust statistics in medical research.
Network Appliance and eScene will collaborate on sales and marketing activities to deliver this robust solution to the enterprise market.
Researchers usually view the robust australopithecines as a dead-end lineage comprising three species--one in South Africa and two in East Africa--that lived between 2.
The statistical models enable their designs to be more robust and meet performance specifications across environmental corners.
This cerebral radiator -- represented in fossils by grooves in cranial bones and openings for emissary veins -- expanded as brain size increased in gracile australopithecines and the Homo lineage, while small-brained Hadar hominids and robust australopithecines lacked the cooling network of veins.