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The consequence is that the Rocky Mountains and the ulterior regions, from the Russian possessions in the north down to the Spanish settlements of California, have been traversed and ransacked in every direction by bands of hunters and Indian traders; so that there is scarcely a mountain pass, or defile, that is not known and threaded in their restless migrations, nor a nameless stream that is not haunted by the lonely trapper.
Such is the mountaineer, the hardy trapper of the West; and such, as we have slightly sketched it, is the wild, Robin Hood kind of life, with all its strange and motley populace, now existing in full vigor among the Rocky Mountains.
Through the narrow rift in the rocky roof above him, Tibo could see a few stars, and once the moon crossed.
Already one corner had been forced past the rocky protuberance of the entrance way which had held it in place.
Tarzan had followed the spoor of the old man, the two hyenas, and the little black boy to the mouth of the cave in the rocky canon between the two hills.
In the rocky chamber of the hill's center, little Tibo crouched low against the wall as far from the hunger-crazed beasts as he could drag himself.
Then answer, each and all, with one voice: `He is a blind man, and dwells in rocky Chios: his lays are evermore supreme.
182-206) Leto's all-glorious son goes to rocky Pytho, playing upon his hollow lyre, clad in divine, perfumed garments; and at the touch of the golden key his lyre sings sweet.
388-439) Then Phoebus Apollo pondered in his heart what men he should bring in to be his ministers in sacrifice and to serve him in rocky Pytho.
Gangster- turned- politician Jaswinder Rocky was shot dead by two unidentified men at Parwanoo, 30 kms from here, on Kalka- Shimla National Highway on Saturday morning, police sources said.
We've see this story before, starting in 1976, when Rocky Balboa first appeared in American theaters, straight through to 1990, when Sylvester Stallone's boxing alter-ego went into hibernation after Rock), V.
But whenever the image was in doubt, Stallone could usually count on some love if he returned to Rocky, his dim but lovable boxer creation that made him a superstar.