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At the present moment it was a visage full of supplication, and as gentle in its expression as that of a smiling, roguish infant.
Oh, I am very sure that monsieur is not capricious," she said with a roguish smile.
But little Rose, with her dark brown curls, merry expression, roguish nose and soft radiance swept all his misgivings and prejudices before her.
So they came back and whispered softly to him, saying, 'Now let us have no more of your roguish jokes; but throw us out some of the money.
Very well, then, 'Angel dearest', if I MUST," she murmured, looking at her candle, a roguish curl coming upon her mouth, notwithstanding her suspense.
He looks around and everywhere sees roguish eyes and laughing lips.
Now," quoth he, "I would freely give a hundred pounds to meet this roguish fellow, Robin Hood, and to see somewhat of his doings in Sherwood Forest.
A bright questioning light shone in her eyes, and on her face was a friendly and strangely roguish expression.
Dorothy noticed six roguish looking brown children standing all in a row, and she asked:
I have seen Kantos Kan, Overlord of the Navy, and Prince Soran of Ptarth, and Djor Kantos, son of Kantos Kan," she shot a roguish glance at her mistress as she mentioned Djor Kantos' name, "and--oh, there were others, many have come.
She would have looked very much like Roy if she had had dreamy dark eyes instead of roguish hazel ones.
I thought you'd jump at it," she confessed, with a naivete he could not but question, for he thought he saw a roguish gleam in her eyes.