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She dares a roguishly charming young Irishman, Kieran, to help her escape from the hospital.
If the parliamentarians who are regarded as representative of the people if they behave roguishly with airline authorities in front of the nation that sounds highly shocking and not at all called for.
After all you are never very far from one of the many pantomime villains purporting to be club-owners, roguishly asset stripping their clubs.
He's also roguishly handsome and adept at both hand-to-hand and gun combat.
It helps that he's roguishly good-looking without having to do anything unusual or unusually ingratiating, just to please the peanut gallery.
Ferguson roguishly represents not simply one of the greatest symbols of American apartheid, but also a bitter and brutal reminder that the United States government, in fact, sanctioned, was patently part and parcel of the racial formation of the nineteenth century, which, as will be witnessed in our discussion of The Souls of Black Folk, led W.
It's not what you see on millennial job boards or in stock art pictures--images of roguishly unshaven guys in T-shirts or women with tousled hair and bathrobes.
More roguishly, the description asserts Brookes's own well-formed physique, reminiscent of earlier images of Sebastian, and Brookes's propensity to engage unconventionally intense, penetrative sensations.
It's an unusual piece, composed long after Rossini had forsaken the opera house, with a roguishly misleading title.
TAKE one roguishly handsome conman, add a younger cheekier chappie and mix in a policeman on the make and you have the perfect recipe for a good night out.
Having delivered this punch line, according to Gripenberg, "Mark Twain stopped, peered at us roguishly and became silent.
A roguishly charming cab driver has the ability to interact with ghosts--and his late wife--after a near-death experience