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The neuroscience nurses' core interventions from NIC (Table 1), with the exception of transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), were included in both the current role delineation study as well as the previous study conducted by ABNN (Stahl, 1998).
An earlier oncology nursing role delineation study also used the correlation between frequency and criticality as a measure of internal consistency/reliability (McMillan et al.
Three limitations of the role delineation study were identified.
The task force's recommendations for future role delineation studies are as follows: (a) find additional sources of funding to allow for increased sampling and test-retest measures, (b) computerize the survey to encourage increased participation in the role delineation survey, (c) assess the feasibility of offering the survey at the AANN Annual Meeting to capture nonmembers as well as members, (d) maintain the current 5-year frequency for the role delineation study, and (e) develop an advanced practice role delineation survey.
By defining neuroscience nursing practice, the role delineation study provided a framework for the CNRN examination.
Evolving trends in critical care nursing practice: Results of a certification role delineation study.
Advanced practice in ontology nursing: A role delineation study.