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I was just waiting until half-time to give them a rollocking," the head coach admitted.
But others need a bit of a rollocking to come out of their shell and get going, so the management know how to keep all of us on our toes.
He'll be sat up there in judgement waiting for me to get up there and give me a right rollocking," he said.
Distin pinpointed Everton's famed dressing room camaraderie - and a half-time rollocking from manager David Moyes - as reason for their stirring second-half revival.
Mike Tindall came over and gave me a bit of a rollocking after it.
As a senior IPCC representative visited Cleveland Police on May 10 and gave them a rollocking for improper conduct, so now the chief constable Sean Price will have to get his facts right and not jump the gun.
PLAYERS from Celtic and Rangers have been given a rollocking by the manager of lowly Queen's Park after criticising the Hampden Park pitch.
I got a rollocking from my boss, although I still think I was right
We had a bit of a rollocking at half time [against Valencia] but I felt in the second half we responded to that, we came out fighting a bit more but overall it just wasn't good enough.
We knew a half-time rollocking was on the cards, but I didn't expect the gaffer to lose his cool to such an extent that he could have wiped out my season.
JEREMY Clarkson looks like he's expecting more than the usual rollocking.