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Another joint venture, online entertainment company the Romp, partnered with H&S Media for its print version, a 48-page mini-mag packaged with men's magazine To the Maxx, hitting newsstands Feb.
According to scholar Lillian Schlissel (editor of Three Plays by Mae West), the primary reason West was slapped with an "obscenity charge" for Sex was not the play's hetero high jinks but the homo romp she planned as her next show.
Part high-paced intergalactic romp, part sweetly naive morality tale, and part special-effects bonanza, this prequel to the famous trilogy is as amazing as anything that's popped out of a wormhole in ages.
But, after a mini revival by the visitors, Greg Hill and Chris Mann both crossed, Taylor and Pearson adding the goals, before Bailey rounded off a nine-try romp by completing his treble.
Staple clothing items at Romp include T-shirts, baseball caps, and baggy pants, as well as industrial-style shoes such as Dr.
THE STARS Kit Harington, Emily Browning THE VERDICT There are some spectacular 3D explosions in this Ancient Roman romp but the romance - between hunky Celt gladiator Milo (Game of Thrones star Harington) and rich Sicilian Cassia (Browning, from Sucker Punch) - fails to ignite before the volcano does.
CHEEKY One Direction singer Harry Styles enjoyed a steamy romp with a teenage girl he sneaked into Simon Cowell's dressing room.
But 73% are embarrassed by their wobbly bits, fat tummies and stretch marks when they strip off for a romp.
Club nights' artist Oscar Romp will be in residence at the Chinatown arts venue until Sunday, August 9 Vienna-based Romp is best known for his figurative work depicting the club scene, in particular Northern Soul nights, but has also worked extensively the in community.
A FORMER soldier is to stand against Commons sex romp MP Nigel Griffiths in the general election.
Craig Forrester, a final year computer games science student, created the curiously named Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp - where evil robots are defeated in a hungry quest for biscuits - in just two weeks.