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This is what you get when you don't do your rookie duties
With a Rookie of the Year citation now in her resume, big things are expected of the youngster but Molde just wants to enjoy what she has right now.
Rookie Smarts addresses the questions every experienced professional faces: "Will my knowledge and skills become obsolete and irrelevant?
The rookie class also picked Parker, the projected starting small forward of the Bucks to have the best career amongst the batch.
While Matsui was disappointed he did not win in 2003, when the Red Sox brought Daisuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Okajima (both veterans) over from Japan for the 2007 season, both said they did not think they should be considered rookies.
In announcing the award, the Buffalo Bills website said Alonso had four interceptions on the season, including a streak of three consecutive games, the first three-game interception streak by an NFL rookie linebacker since 1980, and the first by a Bills rookie linebacker in team history.
Here is one writer's list for the top 13 rookie campaigns for everyday players.
The remaining rookies will become a firm's good producers and the "c" players or below-average producers will be identified and terminated during the classroom segment of the program.
Clubs are permitted to hold a rookie minicamp on one of the first two weekends after the NFL Draft and conduct one mandatory minicamp for veteran players.
When you talk about rookies - Steve Stricker, Ben Curtis, Anthony Kim - these guys all know that they're equally as good as the guys who have played Ryder Cup before.
On the first day of rookie orientation at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Pacific Coast Motorsports couldn't get out of first gear.
Some of this year's rookies are fairly young, others are not.