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The new BMW M235i from BMW's new 2 Series which is released tomorrow as a roomier replacement to the outgoing 1 Series Coupe
Families opt to travel in rental cars for a variety of reasons, including the enjoyment of a roomier vehicle model for comfort, the savings on travel costs with a more fuel-efficient vehicle and the avoidance of additional wear and tear on their personal vehicles.
Nissan has always been innovative and focused on delivering first-class levels of comfort to the whole family in terms of, a roomier cabin and a quieter ride combined, while maintaining Patrol's superior off-road heritage, he added.
He said specific improvements include a roomier cabin with increased space between the front and second-row seats.
Honda releases roomier, fuel-efficient Step WGN minivan
08 MEN'S hats are roomier and often have wider brims, which help cover your hair from the sun.
Responding to the demand for uncompromising protection in a roomier case, and in an effort to ease the pain of equipment transport, Hardigg presents the latest addition to their Storm Case line: the Storm Case iM3220.
Passengers waiting for the flight back to San Francisco took the relatively brief delay in stride and were more than happy to find out they'd be boarding a much roomier plane than they had expected.
The new Magnum has a redesigned and roomier cab with the roof raised another 20cm to give over two metres headroom.
Large overhead compartments will make it easier for travelers to pack for their trip, and the roomier cabin is designed to tie the passenger to the flight experience.
The Lockheed version had a roomier cabin and three powerful engines and was cheaper than Boeing's.
The new design will offer a lower waist and a roomier seat--designed, in part, to keep the jeans from slipping down the hips when wearers bend over or crouch down, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported last week.