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A comfortably-sized, double-floored venue though by no means the roomiest meaning there is a close, cosy, lively and social atmosphere.
It has one of the roomiest interiors in its class, a wide choice of powertrains and a well-tuned chassis.
The award-winning Kingfisher Experience includes onboard comforts so that guests are able to rest in the roomiest seats in the sky with a wide seat pitch and ample room to stretch their legs.
SKODA may well be the best placed of any car company to take advantage of the current financial situation with two of the roomiest small cars, which now come in eco-friendly guise too.
It's not the roomiest but you would not expect it to be.
It's also the roomiest car I've been in for ages, so if Skoda called it the Spacious I wouldn't have any argument there either.
Like all Volvos, they are built to exceptionally high standards and are among the roomiest in their respective classes yet cost substantially less than equivalent Audi, BMW or Mercedes- Benz models.
With a wheelbase of 2,575mm, the Grand Modus is claiming one of the roomiest interiors and biggest boot volumes in its class.
That's not to say that the Rogue is the roomiest competitor in the small SUV market.
Now called the Unlimited, that familiar seven-slatted frontal aspect remains, but a stretched wheelbase and two more doors make it a five-seater and one of the roomiest Jeeps ever.
But it should be noted that JetBlue also offers the roomiest coach seats in the air.
on Tuesday launched a fully remodeled version of the Serena minivan that it said is one of the roomiest minivans in its class in Japan.