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These six variables are front interior roominess, rear interior roominess, exterior styling, and interior styling, level of equipment and prestige / reputation.
Its up to you whether or not you stick with two-wheeldrive or choose the fourwheel-drive powertrain but for the majority of drivers the front wheel drive versions are perfectly acceptable and you loose nothing in terms of roominess and versatility but save some money.
While officers enjoy the SUV's storage capacity, handling, roominess and the ease with which they're able to get in and out of the vehicle, police supervisors like the fact that it appears to offer better gas mileage than the other tested models, San Miguel said.
Features include an extra-warm foot section, built-in LED torch in the hood and an expandable zip for improved roominess.
Both LA-Maui daily flights will offer the comfort and roominess of Hawaiian's wide-body, twin-aisle Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, seating 264 passengers in a two-class cabin, with 18 in First Class and 246 in the Main Cabin.
The floorboard is large and there's enough distance between the seat and the handlebar enhancing the feel of roominess.
It's unmistakably a member of the Fiat 500 family, but its roominess and flexibility will appeal to young families, and drivers who need the functionality of a family car, but who desire the coolness and cheeky fun-loving attitude which the iconic 500 city car embodies.
The new RAV4 is longer (+205mm over SWB model without rear wheel carrier) and wider (+30mm) but lower (-25mm) than its predecessor, and presents a new silhouette that expresses its versatility, roominess and improved dynamic capabilities.
MDT officials told Armada that the interior was built for roominess and driver view-ability, with a one-piece windshield that has no obstructions.
The new QX gives us an incredible presence in full-size performance luxury SUVs - perfect for buyers seeking style, comfort, roominess and driving exhilaration.
The spacious Barclay combines roominess and privacy.
BMW says the Gran Turismo was inspired by the success of socalled crossover vehicles that combine the flexibility and roominess of a small SUV with the car-like-handling characteristics of a coupe.