rooming together

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The pair roomed together for club and country growing up and Iacovitti said: "Hopefully it won't be long before we are rooming together on senior duty.
We were rooming together and I came back late in the night after a few beers, and he had his laptop out watching line-outs," Brits said.
They have been rooming together and Gabi seems to speak every language in the world so he has managed to help Pablo along.
Rooming together is a huge plus and in New Zealand we were on our own.
That is when Ian and I started rooming together and I learned a lot from him at that point because of the way he seemed to be having a lot more fun than I was having at that point in my career.
Danny Murphy has had a fantastic season and he will be delighted but at the same time I am sure he will be wishing his best mate was going and that they were rooming together.
They have so much in common, they're considering rooming together next year after graduation.
SAYERS: We got drafted the same year and we started rooming together in 1967 when the coaches decided to room the players by position.
SHAMED Celtic star Ian Wright has apologised to Jim Lauchlan through Hoops' team-mate Mark Burchill, best of friends with the Killie defender after rooming together during their Scotland under-21 days.
Loanees Shane Lowry and Gary McSheffrey have forgotten about their respective rivalries and are rooming together for the League One club.
If that's (the case), then we've got to sit down and talk about it and work it out, because if we're rooming together we've really got to clean it then,'' said Rafter, a first-round U.