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Jailbroken and rooted devices pose tremendous threats to any organization because much of the security that protected the devices has been removed.
F5's BIG-IP Edge Client, BIG-IP Edge Client for rooted devices, and BIG-IP Edge Portal can be downloaded from the Google Android Market.
Do not allow enterprise users to use rooted devices with enterprise networks.
According to the source, the feature has already been modified to include any app that you want in the UPSM manager, but this is only applicable for rooted devices.
With AirWatch, IT managers can block access to enterprise data from jail-broken and rooted devices, locate lost or stolen devices, disallow unsafe applications and provide advanced capabilities to manage mobile devices accessing company data on BPOS-D, Office 365 and Gmail.
Detecting "jailbroken" and rooted devices : Users can create serious security threats by installing apps outside of an application store or customizing the device if they jailbreak or root their devices.