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ROOT. That part of a tree or plant under ground from which it draws most of its nourishment from the earth.
     2. When the roots of a tree planted in one man's land extend into that of another, this circumstance does not give the latter any right to the tree, though such is the doctrine of the civil law; Dig. 41, 1, 7, 13; but such person has a right to cut off the roots up to his line. Rolle's R. 394, vide Tree.
     3. In a figurative sense, the term root is used to signify the person from whom one or more others are descended. Vide Descent; Per stirpes.

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Providing a much-needed sense of rootedness, solidarity, and consolation, banjo picking became an essential part of Black plantation life.
Through 21 chapters, they address teaching mindfulness to elementary children, teens, special needs populations, substance abuse and probation-involved youth, in culturally diverse settings, in terms of child development, with challenging youth, to cultivate rootedness and connectedness in the digital age, and to parents in mental health treatment, then outline techniques to bring mindfulness to activities like yoga, movement and dance, sports, nature, art, games, and music composition, as well as the scientific basis and research on mindfulness.
Lebanese nationality must be granted to expatriates in need to it as a priority rather than giving it instead to Syrians and Palestinians, Bassil retorted; Launching local development projects in addition to granting expatriates the Lebanese nationality assists the cause of Lebanese rootedness and steadfastness in our soil, he added.
16, the last day of their meeting in Jerusalem, the bishops said they met in the Holy Land to "renew their rootedness in Christ.
Curator Tina Ball of Knowsley council said the film "celebrates his rootedness in the borough", and thanked him for his support putting on the exhibition.
Like "The Passage," this poem focuses on the rootedness, not the disruption, of Black culture.
Isn't it funny that when we find ourselves jealous of churches with flashy youth programming, there are growing numbers who find themselves deeply drawn to the beauty, mystery and rootedness of our own traditions?
The first part is given the superscription Exitus (outflow), as it is primarily concerned with the rootedness of creation within the life of God.
BayaniJuan (community development) is a community development, relocation and outreach program locals are taught skills and livelihood to become self-sufficient; it also aims to provide underprivileged families and informal settlers a sense of rootedness and acess to basic services.
Home evokes a sense of belonging, rootedness and a psychology of well-being.
Devout Christians in liturgical churches must sometimes long for a bit more spontaneity, and I know that some evangelicals wish occasionally for more rootedness (I am an evangelical who has wished for it myself).
She writes admiringly of her grandmother, who "carried her own rootedness within herself," and of her parents, who emigrated to America for a better life and never understood why Kalfopoulou settled in Greece.