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ROOT. That part of a tree or plant under ground from which it draws most of its nourishment from the earth.
     2. When the roots of a tree planted in one man's land extend into that of another, this circumstance does not give the latter any right to the tree, though such is the doctrine of the civil law; Dig. 41, 1, 7, 13; but such person has a right to cut off the roots up to his line. Rolle's R. 394, vide Tree.
     3. In a figurative sense, the term root is used to signify the person from whom one or more others are descended. Vide Descent; Per stirpes.

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The offer is in celebration of the silver jubilee of its menu item, Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity, a breakfast item.
The same reason applies to the high values of microbial density and activity in the rooty soils, in comparison with the non-rooty ones.
I thought the way Sanga played was a masterclass in batting, and I thought Rooty hit the same level as that.
I thought the way Sanga played yesterday was a masterclass in batting, and I thought Rooty hit the same level as that.
But that doesn't take anything away from the way Jos and Rooty played - from 150 for five.
Asked where Ballance would bat, Cook said: "Gary will bat at three, Belly at four, Rooty (Joe Root) at five and Mo (Moeen Ali) at six.
But for them to bounce back, the way Rooty [Joe Root] and Jos (Buttler) played, was exceptional.
niger) is an edible rooty vegetable of the Brassicaceae family, which it has high medicinal properties.
15 March 2011, The Hall, Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care Facility, 32 Evans Road, Rooty Hill RSVP: Jill Sparks, Wound CNC, Primary Care & Community Health Network, WSLHN
Offering a strong, lemony aroma with rooty potato-like overtones, Ginger Treattarome 9745 is wholly distilled from Zingiber officinalis--an internationally recognised source of flavours and flavour oils.
Over on Sauchiehall Street, Big Beat Boutique returns to the CCA with Errol Alkan joined by Frank Tope and Tayo, aka Rooty Sound System, who are behind the legendary Basement Jaxx parties.
So if you go into your local Ihop tomorrow, one of the items on the menu will be the golden dollar rooty.