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GARDEN. A piece of ground appropriated to raising plants and flowers.
     2. A garden is a parcel of a house and passes with it. Br. Feoffm. de terre, 53; 2 Co. 32; Plowd. 171; Co. Litt. 5 b, 56 a, b. But see Moore, 24; Bac. Ab. Grants, I.

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David Blackburn and the 1880s-era Southern Methodist Episcopal Church, now restored as the Victorian Rose Bed and Breakfast.
Patchwork rug from PS90, Rose bed set from PS25, knitted throw PS30, Patchwork throw from PS80 - all Next.
SPARKLE OF SPRING Clear white daffodils in a rose bed cut into one of the lawns.
A well disguised but accessible compost heap will get points from me every time and a small border with herbs, vegetables and fruit as well as flowers will get more points than a rose bed that only contains roses, however well they are cared for.
HERITAGE money will pay for people living near Newsham Park to restore a historic rose bed.
I've planted quite a large rose bed chosen only by the pictures on the packets, and haven't a clue which is which now because I took the labels off.
Q I have a long-established rose bed, but the plants are old and I want to replace them with new ones.
I like to remove the piece of wood I have cut off in small sections and then tidy up the rose bed, raking up all the debris.
QMy grandmother had lovely perfumed roses and I would like a similar rose bed but don't remember what kind she had.
Tidy rose beds As many rose diseases, such as black spot, can overwinter it is vital that you leave your rose bed as tidy as possible.
To make a new rose bed get started now and, although it is hard work, double-dig the site, working lots of manure or compost down into the lowest level.