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ROSTER. A list of persons who are in their turn to perform certain duties, required of them by law. Tytler, on Courts Mart. 93.

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Providing some roster flexibility is a key part of retaining and attracting nurses and midwives,' he said.
Arena plans to announce a 35-man preliminary roster today and whittle it to 23 on May 2.
Roster provides a financial profile of the 200 largest Ohio companies whose common stock is publicly traded.
He pulled out after his selection for the CONCACAF Gold Cup last year, saying he needed rest, then quipped that Lavolpe didn't "have big enough trousers" when he was left off a World Cup qualifying roster in November.
Chivas USA defender Claudio Suarez appears bound for Germany after his selection to Mexico's preliminary World Cup roster.
To make room for Salmon on the 40-man roster, the Angels designated right-handed pitcher Scott Dunn for assignment.
Assignments for these brands in other regions have yet to be determined, though the accounts will remain within the current Mars roster.
Travel squad: Little said he will fill out the rosters for Tuesday's intrasquad game at Jacksonville with a combination of players from major- and minor-league camps and that a handful of position players and several pitchers from big-league camp will stay behind.
Michael LeBeau, founder and CEO of Byte Interactive, attributes the company's profitability and growth to its solid business model, organically grown client roster and experienced staff.
With every player on the 40-man roster now signed, and with the major-league minimum having increased this year to $327,000, the Dodgers already have at least $99.
As we drive the company forward and further develop the Capitol roster, his impressive track record in discovering exciting new talent will prove invaluable.