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ROSTER. A list of persons who are in their turn to perform certain duties, required of them by law. Tytler, on Courts Mart. 93.

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If you find your rosters are not conforming to the award requirements you need to urgently bring this to your manager's attention and, if they will not change the rosters accordingly, contact the Association and speak to one of our Information Officers.
Rosters are used to notify individuals of building, base and office closings, personnel movements, physical readiness tests, various medical and drug tests and classroom administration functions.
The 243 players born outside the United States came from a pool of 856 players (749 active 25-man roster players and 107 disabled or restricted Major League players) on April 4th rosters and represent 15 countries and territories outside the U.
It may just look like just a roster and I should just cope with it if I'm committed to nursing, but really in a long-term point of view, it puts physical and emotional stress on nurses, even just by looking at some of the rosters, without doing it .
Roster moves: The Lakers waived guards Von Wafer and J.
By extending the scheduling functionality of the existing StaffPlan system, the new tool allows users to create rotating rosters that define scheduling patterns beyond seven days -- ensuring complete compliance with all current international work regulations.
Post recall rosters to intranet sites only when proper access controls/permissions are in place; and
By November 20, each club must set its 40-man roster and submit reserve lists for all major and minor-league levels (See Minor League Rosters).
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking a quantum leap forward for electronic data interchange (EDI) in healthcare, the National Electronic Information Corporation (NEIC) has entered into a pilot program to deliver electronic eligibility rosters for MetLife to Medical Management Associates, a leading California-based management group for a number of individual practice associations (IPA).
com" to quickly set the rosters of the teams within their fantasy league via the intuitive interface.