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In Pakistan, and if you don't get off that rostrum now, I will take a more extreme measure,' the CJP warned, visibly angry.
During the course of hearing, Defence Secretary retired Lt Gen Zamir Hussain appeared before the court and remained seated till the time the court called him to the rostrum.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of qty 03 smart rostrum at air force station atg
President Alistair Stevenson welcomed a large turnout and introduced Ronnie Callander as Mr Speaker, who in turn welcomed each participant to the rostrum in his usual calm and relaxed manner.
CJP stopped Advocate General Sindh (AGS) from giving arguments on rostrum.
Winwood came agonisingly close to a rostrum finish with a 17-point haul.
After the announcement of the judgement, Sharif was called to the rostrum and the judge read out the charges against him.
Malacanang on Saturday said there was no intention to embarrass President Rodrigo Duterte when the presidential seal on his rostrum was placed upside down while delivering a speech in Davao City.
This work is the initial point in understanding the design and engineering of high performance, lightweight, structured composites by investigating the geometry and material properties of the paddlefish rostrum (Figure 1).
The structural differentiation of rostrum in male and female adults of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae was examined under the light and electron microscopes to understand its functional potential in infestation/ovipositional tactics.
1, and Table 1 of the Apendix) were prepared to 30 [micro]m thickness for each belemnite rostrum solidum (one longitudinal and one transversal to the growth of the belemnite rostra when possible, Fig.
He appealed, and at the hearing solicitor Rory Mac Neice argued there had been a breach of starting procedure by McNeill, as he was not on his rostrum by the time the runners were out on course.