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All Push Pull Rotate products feature durable, all-metal construction, and are built on a cylindrical chassis normally used in commercial applications.
the Pro Air Lift and Rotate Tables feature platform sizes up to 48" x 60" and are equipped with either a pedestal-installed control station or a foot pedal control.
Raise the Walls: Move up the wall with the same press and rotate motion.
Free Video Flip and Rotate is a powerful tool that fixes videos that haven't been properly recorded.
On the backside of the "2 Press," the "Wide Trapper" (WT5) rotates diagonally back to become the new basket protector (and take the "Safety's original assignment).
As a result of the weak interaction, each helicity state propagates with a different phase so that the transverse polarization vector rotates.
So move the winch clutch lever (2) to DISCONNECT, and rotate the winch spool until the check/fill plug (1) is horizontal, at the 3 o'clock position.
The operator can tilt a bin 30[degrees] so as to have access to what's inside, then lower it, and rotate the platform 180[degrees], thereby achieving access to the other bin.
GardenSong(R) CareFree Triple Tube Bird Feeder: This extra large capacity feeder has 24 feed ports that rotate to serve mixed or NYJER thistle seed.
July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Rotate Black, Inc.
Ultra-compact neutron stars, they produce regular pulses of radio waves as they rotate.