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Mallari said he was delighted at seeing rotor operators dancing to synchronize the lights and music which, he noted, was reason enough to keep the tradition alive.
One-dimensional finite element model of dual-rotor system (excluding pedestal) is built based on Timoshenko beam element, as presented in Figure 2, which is composed of the inner rotor (node 1 to node 13) and the outer rotor (node 14 to node 20).
Provide 2 copies DTR generator rotor after modernization.
The use of separate drives turning each rotor independently, so that the relative speed and/or orientation of the rotors can be changed during the mixing cycle, can be employed.
In contrast, the production potential of Autocoro 360 rotor spinning machine is much higher and can be proved as per following calculation:
ave] is the mean value of the rotor ring's inner and outer radii, Sr the rotor ring's surface facing the air-gap between rotor ring and stator surface, and [tau] the torque.
In this section we will evaluate the effects in stator winding that are caused by rotor bar or ring defects during induction machine operations.
The Ross Series 700 High Shear Mixer, commonly used for creating high quality emulsions and dispersions throughout the process industry, incorporates high-speed rotors running in close proximity to fixed stators.
We do spend a lot of time in the field looking at rotor assemblies, looking for design changes and trying to look for the next best thing," he says.
To get the rotor to rotate, the scientists use a strain of bacteria called Mycoplasma mobile, which move quickly--for bacteria.