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Tenders are invited for Rough cast Estimate for Cleaning and Sweeping including Lifting of Garbage of all wards of M.
Influenced by the rocky outcrop on which it sits, when approached the building forms a strong monolithic barrier, with rough cast concrete walls.
The building, of rough cast lime render and timber cladding, has a sedum roof, a living, flowering area which attracts nectar-feeding insects and cuts rainwater run-off.
The rough cast crosses are then individually hand finished so each is unique.
Last night, former international team-mates Kenny Dalglish and Alan Rough cast doubt on the claims - made in the book Both Sides Of The Border Ex-Nottingham Forest hero Gemmill, 58, says the episode with Johnston sparked panic in coach Ally MacLeod's Scotland camp.
They have a polished finish for ease of cleaning and are more hygienic than rough cast surfaces.
Or you can stipple the last coat by patting it with the end of a coarse brush, or rough cast it with a trowel covered with burlap, or merely finish it smooth with a steel trowel.
The memorial, a cast bronze plaque mounted on a rough cast slab of Leeds County granite, was unveiled by Barbara Hopper, her 11-year-old daughter Victoria Hopper, Catherine Evans and Verna Hill.
WHEN using rough cast masonry paint outside you might need a very stiff brush to scrub the paint into the crevices.
A Garden walls get saturated and when the water freezes the rough cast cracks.
We kept the rough cast sections white to contrast with the brickwork and tie in with the new white framed windows and doors.