rough outline

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In the second place, instinct often gives only a rough outline of the sort of thing to do, in which case learning is necessary in order to acquire certainty and precision in action.
The light from our lamps produced sometimes magical effects, following the rough outlines of the natural arches and pendants disposed like lustres, that were tipped with points of fire.
But the agency has published a rough outline of its claim, which appears to threaten about 170 tracts of otherwise private land.
Negotiators have a tentative agreement on the rough outline of a possible public statement on the progress they have made so far that would also highlight areas of disagreement, diplomats close to the talks said.
It is a very rough outline concept and at this stage there's not much more we can say.
Within two months the various committees had been set up and had established the rough outline of the competition syllabus and the work of raising the money to stage the Eisteddfod was underway.
A rough outline of the new process was presented for the first time at the most recent meeting of the Industry Working Party Research and Technology organised by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) in Frankfurt.
Nazarian went on to offer a rough outline of the Cabinet's as-yet unannounced plan to address the water crisis, which he said includes reducing water consumption, speeding up development projects, fixing infrastructure, securing alternative water sources and deepening existing wells.
By now the rough outline of events leading to Morris' downfall is well-known and in purely factual terms can be summarized thus: Morris fell afoul of a minority of his parishioners and various Roman dicasteries due to his alleged lax attitude toward individual confession and overutilization of the Third Rite of Reconciliation and, more seriously, his perceived "advocacy" for women's ordination and the recognition of Protestant orders in a 2006 Advent pastoral letter.
Here is a rough outline of its European cousin, with apologies for journalistic simplification and exaggeration: 1) Brussels knows best.
Each committee will have to present a rough outline on when a legislation will be complete and ready for discussion.
It begins by detecting a rough outline of the page using a low-resolution image.