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Body expert Professor Stephen Gray, of Nottingham Trent University, said yesterday: "The average male is markedly larger and more round-shouldered than 20 years ago.
12 HAVE A STRETCH "You tend to feel down and lethargic if you're stooping and round-shouldered," says Kersel.
My round-shouldered, crouching, stance, coupled with throwing left jabs from that position, has caused an imbalance in my back.
I was so self-conscious about them I even started getting round-shouldered from where I'd hunch myself up to try and disguise them.
There was a determined look from round-shouldered Roy after dirty deeds had been done to his nearest and dearest.
One study indicated that long-standing round-shouldered posture causes a shortening in one of the shoulder ligaments which, in turn, causes frozen shoulder.
The former darling of Margaret Thatcher stood round-shouldered in the dock, hands behind his back and black tie worn in mourning for his mother pushed out by his slight paunch, as Mr Justice Potts glared over his glasses in open contempt.
We all undersell ourselves by sitting round-shouldered, slumping and slouching," says Neil.
UNFIT, round-shouldered males could soon look like modern-day apemen unless they wise up to a healthier lifestyle, research shows.