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Among the networking opportunities available at the Autumn Round-Table Sessions is the welcome reception the evening of Oct.
I'm thrilled at how the participants worked together," said Steve Barnes, the round-table moderator.
5 April, Poland: Round-table talks conclude with legalization of Solidarity and agreement on free elections in June.
Following this there will be a 45 minute round-table session which will be moderated by a Frost & Sullivan analyst and include participation from the expert panel and audience.
Ten Bruggencate told attendees of the fall Round-Table in Brussels that this acknowledges their importance as a material stream.
The round-table discussion will involve 20 key leaders and decision- makers whose work is devoted to improving the foster-care system in Southern California.
We cannot convince people there's a problem unless we have accurate numbers,'' Screen Actors Guild President Melissa Gilbert said during a round-table discussion on various government proposals to combat the situation.