roundabout way

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Visitors to the Vitra show can see for themselves that Panton was at his best when he was at his most impractical, and that his work, while timeless in many ways, is also strongly locked into a moment and place--a roundabout way of saying he was an excellent designer.
Dominique Nabokov came to photography in a roundabout way (through her love of film), and has matured in it with the focus of the amateur become professional.
But these have all been roundabout ways for the San Francisco-based company to target its desired audience of gambling-friendly online gamers within the US.
Companies like Apple will have to find new ways to protect themselves, as hackers uncover roundabout ways to obtain personal information
If you are resorting to roundabout ways to save tax, be careful not to rub law the wrong way.
Many times, information is deliberately obscured and important matters are addressed in roundabout ways.
Ms Winter, aged 35, is believed to have feared her former lover had paid someone to spy on her and took roundabout ways home to avoid being followed.
While Woo's The Killer (1989) exaggerated the formula whereby cop and crook discover deep affinities, the Milkyway films handle it in more roundabout ways.
As a result, the most states can do to curb aggressive fundraisers is go at the problem in roundabout ways, such as mandating that fundraisers submit their financial reports to state officials for public release, or requiring fundraisers to register as used car dealers.
Always attired in the abaya and veil, Saudi women are not allowed to interact directly with male customers and clients; women must do business in roundabout ways through middlemen.
Fortunately, considering Oklahoma's scarcity of public lands and rather late-blooming conservation consciousness, the remnant groves were in almost every instance given protection, albeit in often roundabout ways.