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Her lips had the true feminine delicacy of form, her cheeks the lovely roundness and smoothness of youth -- but the mouth was too large and firm, the chin too square and massive for her sex and age.
We all conceived a prepossession in his favour, for there was a sterling quality in this laugh, and in his vigorous, healthy voice, and in the roundness and fullness with which he uttered every word he spoke, and in the very fury of his superlatives, which seemed to go off like blank cannons and hurt nothing.
The hollows at the corners of his lips became more pronounced in the puffy roundness of his cheeks.
There is more colour and more decision and roundness of outline in her face than there used to be, and her figure seems more firmly set and more sure and easy in all its movements than it was in her maiden days.
His right hand fell lightly on the back of the outcast couch, the left remained purposefully plunged deep in the trousers pocket, and the roundness of the heavy rimmed spectacles imparted an owlish character to his moody, unperturbed face.
A little later I moved away from the rail to look at the compass with such a stealthy gait that the helmsman noticed it-- and I could not help noticing the unusual roundness of his eyes.
IT was the green heart of the canyon, where the walls swerved back from the rigid plan and relieved their harshness of line by making a little sheltered nook and filling it to the brim with sweetness and roundness and softness.
The thin cotton sleeve fitted the irreproach able roundness of her arm like a skin; and her very dress, stretched on her bust, seemed to palpitate like a living tissue with the strength of vitality ani mating her body.
However, those studies only focus on the dimensional tolerances, and there is insuffcient understanding of how geometric tolerances of the journal may affect the bearing lubrication, especially the roundness coupled with straightness.
Girl's Girl THE edge of a finger traces the contour line Of the picture Touching the roundness of the face My father's eyes bright as stars Soldier, musician.
Yes, round fruits are displayed in homes, and our local Chinese-Filipino interpretation, incorporated into mainstream Filipino culture, is that the roundness resembles money, and therefore will bring wealth, or at least financial stability.
Thus, current study shows the influence of the input parameters; feed rate and kind of materials on the responses G-ratio, surface roughness, and roundness.