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Unless you rouse yourselves from your apathy," said he, "and strike some bold and decisive blow, you will cease to be considered men, or objects of manly warfare.
I will go with you, and we will rouse others, either the son of Tydeus, or Ulysses, or fleet Ajax and the valiant son of Phyleus.
The hero was sleeping upon the skin of an ox, with a piece of fine carpet under his head; Nestor went up to him and stirred him with his heel to rouse him, upbraiding him and urging him to bestir himself.
Are there no younger men among the Achaeans who could go about to rouse the princes?
Go then, for you are younger than I, and of your courtesy rouse Ajax and the fleet son of Phyleus.
While he was thus hesitating Minerva came up to him and said, "Get back, Diomed, to the ships or you may be driven thither, should some other god rouse the Trojans.
Instead, I did the one thing of all others that might rouse his anger and increase his hatred of me; for I knew that if I died Dejah Thoris, too, would find a way to die before they could heap further tortures or indignities upon her.
By this time I have wakened (I am through the wall) and join them anxiously: so often has my mother been taken ill in the night that the slightest sound from her room rouses the house.
But her cries would rouse them; they would hear the splash in the water, and they might be quick enough to rescue us.
But, in a little time, this closed, the light was extinguished, and all was gloomy and quiet, except when some stray footsteps sounded on the pavement, or a neighbour, out later than his wont, knocked lustily at his house-door to rouse the sleeping inmates.
It was all change on lap five as Rouse, Stafford and Dan Stamper made it past Keenan Armstrong and then a lap later Stamper made a move and passed both Rouse and Stafford, with Rouse also getting past Stafford to hold his 11th spot.