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Ilyse Robbins' choreography here, during a rendition of "Greensleeves,'' is a whirling feast for the eyes and ears, as it is throughout the many ensemble crowd scenes, beginning with a rousingly sung and danced "Deck the Halls.
What produces a writer who, grounded so deeply in his native state, rousingly evoked the heights and depths of his characters' hearts and souls commensurate with powerful portrayals of lofty mountains and the arc of the ocean waves?
For decades the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has been studying the reading habits of adult Americans, issuing a series of reports with rousingly alliterative titles such as Reading at risk (July 2004) and Reading on the rise (January 2009).
By the time they teamed Su up with her heroine Elaine Paige for a rousingly old-fashioned duet, the stage was so blue and hazy it looked like a graveyard scene in a Hammer horror movie.
The audience of 5,000 was mostly college students who rousingly pick up on the chant, "Yes, we can.
West Indies replied rousingly in posting 92-1 off 19 overs by the close.
In the case of Miami City Ballet, yes, and rousingly so.
Second, a rousing standing ovation from one's party - Mr Brown was rousingly acclaimed yesterday - is no guide to future survival prospects.
Her style is a conglomerate of many influences, from jazz to gospel, R&B to funk, but invariably delivered in a rousingly powerful fashion, in command of a sweeping range.
This thought crossed my mind as I watched Mike Phillips being rousingly clapped off in his Blues farewell game on Friday night.
Sontag repudiates "interpretation" and its lustruous exemplars as a kind of ressentiment; and she rousingly concludes by pleading not against the mind, as is often charged, but for an alternative relation to the mind.
That style was most rousingly reflected in dissents during his early years on the Court, many of which invoke vignettes from history that were near to his heart.