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Yet this book reads like a plodding route march through a great life.
It certainly felt a much bigger show than AIMEX did, Walking round AIMEX was a leisurely stroll whilst Expomin was a route march with a great deal to see.
Members of the Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Mileage Plan frequent flier program will receive double mileage on all flights on the new route March 19 through June 15, 1995.
From 7th to 10th July the battalion was in Hengestsur-Somme, and from there on 10th proceeded by route march, bus and train to Fricourt, Between 14th and 17th July the battalion took part in an attack on and successfully captured Bazentinle-Petit Wood and village.
They had to route march when they were in training camp.
Once there it's a route march to get to our security gates, then another route march to the boarding gates.
Tuesday August 11: The day was even hotter than previous days and, though possibly necessary, it could be regretted that a further brigade route march with the whole of the Transport was ordered.
Soldiers take |a break after a route march at Coventry Barracks.
It's almost like dealing with a group of older people who never want to claim benefits for the first time, you almost have to route march people to get help.
Mercury and Uranus can arouse your spirit of adventure, not just in terms of going on a route march or deciding to agree to a parachute jump with a friend, this can also stoke up your mental inquisitiveness.
Under Dunga, the samba has been replaced by a route march.
We'd been to Banbury and then joined our fellow travellers on a route march through Birmingham's Bullring to locate yet another station for the next leg of an arduous journey On board the train, as passengers spilled into every available nook and cranny including the toilets, I spied an overlooked seat and beckoned to a nice older lady who was clearly struggling.